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BRANDGUIDE.PRO's Restaurant products and services include custom menu design, websites, logos, dining area branding (wall graphics, posters, vinyl lettering, etc.), menus, forms, business cards, delivery van wraps, decals, brochures, to-go menus, flyers, bulk mail postcards, plaques, awards, video marketing, social media management and more.


Custom Restaurant Menu Design

By: Bryan Baker
Posted in: Services
Custom Restaurant Menu Design

AlphaGraphics works with restaurant managers to create the perfect menu for you.

Designing a menu can be an intensively creative process on the part of the designer AND on you as our design team works closely with you to bring the vision you have for your restaurant to life.

We don't believe in taking a template approach to menu design. Your restaurant is unique and deserves a menu that brings your uniqueness to life.

We'll begin by having you provide as much detail about your ideas as possible. You'll also provide us with the text for your menu and any files you would like us to incorporate into the design. It's important to gather all of this information at the beginning so our designers have the best possible background and resources to work their magic for you.

Once we have everything, our entire design team will meet discuss and then we'll open a Restaurant Brand Guide Tracker for your project where you and our designers will exchange ideas and manage the proofing process as your menu takes shape.

After you love the final design, AlphaGraphics can produce your menu on a wide variety of materials, from basic 20lb to non-tearing paper, laminated and even substrates like PVC or heavy boards. Just ask about your options when you submit your design request.

If you have any questions call our sales team, or go to the Menu Submission Page if you're ready to get started.


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