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BRANDGUIDE.PRO services for non-profit organizations include websites, online community portals, forms, business cards, stationery, graphic design, displays, decals, manuals, mobile graphics, signage, wall graphics, workspace graphics, direct mail, email campaigns, drip campaign management, marketing consultation, flyers, brochures, magnet and more.

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Using Facebook Notes to Increase Your Reach

By: Bryan Baker
Posted in: Facebook
Using Facebook Notes to Increase Your Reach published an article relating how using Facbook Notes can help you reach more people than timeline posts.

"In September 2015 Facebook resurrected the Notes app with a new design and still today Notes seem to get more exposure in the News Feed (though for how long, nobody knows). If you are like most nonprofits on Facebook and have experienced dramatic loss in reach and engagement over the last year, then experimenting with publishing Notes on Facebook to increase reach and engagement as an alternative to spending on adverting is worth a shot. On the Nonprofit Tech for Good Facebook Page Notes are currently receiving 3X the reach and engagement as photos and links. That said, here’s how to get started with Facebook No"

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