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How to Install Wordpress Manually

By: Bryan Baker
Posted in: Wordpress
How to Install Wordpress Manually

We upgraded our Bluehost shared hosting server to a VPS (Virtual Private Server). Bluehost managed the switch with only a few issues for which they patiently found solutions.

Today we attempted our first Wordpress install on the new server and it takes us to the dreaded MOJO Marketplace; something Bluehost began using a couple years back, I believe. I've hated it from the beginning.

Well, this time, it's not working at all and a quick chat with Bluehost support tells me the Quick Installer is broken and there is no known time when it will be working. And they send me this link so I can manually install Wordpress.

I figured I might post here for everyone's benefit. The guide is made for hostgator (which is the same as Bluehost, mostly) but should work with slight differences for many cpanel hosting situations.

Of course it's many more steps than a quick install, but once you do it once or twice there's something to be said for doing it this way. For one thing, it helps you understand that Wordpress is using a certain database with certain credentials and your Wordpress directory is located in a certain place and you can change certain things about particular files to make Wordpress behave as it should.

These things are good to know if you're running a Wordpress website.


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