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BRANDGUIDE.PRO provides graphics products and services for Education, including onboarding and welcome kits, branded specialties, fleet vehicle graphics, bus graphics, forms management, marketing campaign funnels, websites, stationery, logos, branding (wall graphics, posters, vinyl lettering, etc.), forms, business cards, van wraps, decals, brochures, course manuals, HR materials, flyers, bulk mail, postcards, plaques, awards, video and more.

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Trinity Oaks Christian Academy tried a few different marketing strategies before they gave postcard marketing a try, but they were never happy with the return they got from the investment of their time and marketing budget. They decided to try postcards and saw an immediate return from their first campaign.
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Want to know what successful private schools are doing that keeps them ahead of the competition? Keep watching.

If your private school is struggling to get your name out and attract students, consider implementing some of these ideas.

Address parents’ concerns by showing them what your private school offers that public schools don’t, such as:

• Explain the benefits of a smaller class – don’t just tell them you have a smaller class size.
• Academic excellence – what does this mean to the parent and student? Do you have a higher percentage of students that go on to college? Do your students go on to attend better Universities?
• Fine arts and music programs – explain how this can help more creative students and that your programs are not in danger of budget cuts.

If you are in charge of public relations for your school, community involvement needs to be at the top of your list.

Organize volunteer days that benefit the local community such as:

• Outdoor beautification projects
• Helping the food banks
• Assisting at Homeless shelters
• Assisting at Pet shelters
• Ongoing community events

As for online marketing initiatives, consider adding video to your marketing mix:

• About 90 percent of Internet traffic will come from videos by 2015
• 28 percent of Google searches involve YouTube and its video library
• Video keeps visitors on your website longer
• You can use video with your social media efforts as well

If your school’s website does not feature videos – and if your school does not have a YouTube channel – it is time to make a change!

Contact the digital marketing experts at Six Degrees Digital Media to improve your private school’s marketing today.

Six Degrees Digital Media
(520) 572-2390

Marketing Ideas For Private Schools:
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In this "Message to an ASPIRING PRINCIPAL," Principal Kafele tells aspiring principals that their BRAND matters! This is a topic that he says is SO underrated! For further information, visit
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Melanie Gard, Principal at Peninsula School of Dance, VIC Australia will be speaking at Exchange 2015 - a Day of Inspiration and Encouragement for Dance Studios. ...To find out more visit
Creating a brand is more than just stamping a logo onto a jacket and a few business cards. Good branding is all about enhancing the customer experience and creating a strong presence in your local community. Positive and focused branding contributes to a sense of consistency, professionalism and is critical to building trust amongst your customer base and beyond. Melanie 's presentation will provide insight into how she has developed a consistent brand experience for her customers through partnerships with other businesses, social media and within the day to day running of her school. #exchange2015
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These initiatives do not happen without a principal that values and prioritizes family and community engagement. I'm thankful my principal has allowed a team of teachers from my school to invest in these efforts. I'm also thankful for my friend Ken McNatt. I appreciate his guidance and experience with Facebook pages.
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