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BRANDGUIDE.PRO provides business graphics products and services for Automotive Service companies, including websites, logos, lobby branding (wall graphics, posters, vinyl lettering, etc.), rate sheets, forms, business cards, delivery truck wraps, decals, brochures, Facebook pages, flyers, bulk mail, postcards, plaques, awards, Youtube video, custom cut display pieces and more.

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Category: Autos & Vehicles
Duration: 00:16:45
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Today on the Automotive podcast, I want to talk about how I would get started as a tech, if I was doing it today. I have talked about how I got started on other shows. But I think that if I was going to do it again, I may take a different approach. The internet has given us a huge opportunity to learn for very little or free. That along with training programs at dealers, makes skipping tech school an interesting option.

Today on the Podcast we chat about:

Costs of tech school
Time investment of tech school
Starting at a Jiffy change type place
Starting at a small shop
Online Learning
Dealership Service Express
You can start with little time and tool investment
Dealership training programs
Where Manufacturers lack in training
VW's old training program

Humble Mechanic Podcasts

Failed VW parts videos

Tool Reviews

How To videos

MK1 VR6 Swap Videos

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Category: News & Politics
Duration: 00:28:23
Auto Repair Business

As Americans have "tightened their belts," recent years have increasingly seen them repair, rather than replace, their personal vehicles. This trend has benefited automotive repair shops, small businesses that have themselves been challenged by the economy.

In this episode, we visit with the operators of three local auto repair operations and a tool vendor who supports them, plus an auto technician instructor from a technical college where classes are full of students eager to enter this career field.

Guests are: Robert Collier, RC's Auto Repair
Brian Smith, Gig Harbor Automotive
Mike Whyte, Matco Tools representative
Wayne Bridges, Clover Park Technical College instructor
Mark & Rolf Simons, Rolf's Import Auto

South Sound Business Report can be seen on Seattle's KSTW CW-11 each Sunday at 9 a.m. and at other times on select cable TV systems in the region.

Sponsored by Puget Sound Energy.
Category: Autos & Vehicles
Duration: 00:02:16
A majority of shop owners in the auto repair industry find taking the shop to the next level is their main problem. Their shops have either grown to a certain size in gross monthly sales and have then flattened off, or they can't seem to take home enough money. It does not matter how big a shop has grown. When it comes to the owner's checkbook, you should hear him groan.

Music by Kevin MacLeod


Since 1993, Management Success has been the #1 provider of quality management and sales training to the automotive and truck repair industry in the US, Canada, and overseas. We have helped thousands of shop owners make money and improve their quality of life. We offer seminars, workshops, on-line training, consulting and coaching in the areas of marking, sales, finance, employee management, and organization. We also build custom websites and offer SEO services.

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Our website
AutoPro Workshop
Category: Autos & Vehicles
Duration: 00:08:33
Here there Racer Rob Russell here and first off thanks for taking the time to check out my SWEET Video!

I’m SUPER STOKED to help one Hard working, Motivated, HUNGRY Team Member start or grow their “DREAM Auto Repair Shop!”

So If you or someone you know is wanting to stop working for “The Man” and take back control of their own destiny and build their own business.

Or if you or someone you know already has an auto repair business and needs some coaching and mentorship to take their Auto Repair biz to the next level and make Auto repair FUN & EXCITING again (and make GREAT Money doing it) I would LOVE to talk to You/Them!

This is THE REAL DEAL and when we talk on the phone your gonna enjoy hearing about my big “Why” and fully understand why I’m 100% dedicated to helping the right shop owner build their dream shop!

Just to be clear when I say the “right” shop owner I’m looking for someone who is:

Serious about starting their own business and understands it’s going to take some hard work, but at the same time there is NOTHING like having your own successful business and the payoff is well worth the hard work!

Is open-minded, coachable and just a good person to work with. In other words not a KNOW IT ALL! Even for the Pro’s school is never out….

Preferable already has some experience running or managing an auto repair shop.

And last but probably the most important sees the HUGE POTENTIAL to incorporate Video and Social Media to help make Auto Repair FUN & EXCITING again!

But like I said in the Video, this AWESOME OPPORTUNITY is going to go FAST so make sure you call me NOW for a low pressure conversation on how we can work together to help you build your Dream Shop!

Just pick up the phone and call me at #503-804-3191 and ask for Rob.

Ok, I gotta get in my training ride, got a big race coming up soon and I want to be ready!

Until next time, have a GREAT DAY!

Racer Rob Russell out…
Category: Autos & Vehicles
Duration: 00:09:08
Description: - How is is possible for two auto repair shop owners to be exposed to the exact same marketing and management information, at the exact same time, and even be located right across the street from each other -- and one shop becomes wildly successful and the other one fails?
Category: Autos & Vehicles
Duration: 00:05:46
Visit me at

Visit Rosedale at

Marc was probably one of the most interesting people that I met when I visited Rosedale, he teaches business management as well as some other stuff, he's second generation at the shop his family owns and does a fair about of business due to their excellent reputation, if you're considering getting into the automotive field I urge you to heed his words this man knows what he's talking about.

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