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BRANDGUIDE.PRO's Restaurant products and services include custom menu design, websites, logos, dining area branding (wall graphics, posters, vinyl lettering, etc.), menus, forms, business cards, delivery van wraps, decals, brochures, to-go menus, flyers, bulk mail postcards, plaques, awards, video marketing, social media management and more.



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Restaurant Management GamePlan: Part 1

The most successful restaurant's always have a very powerful game plan. Without it, you are unlikely to achieve your goals.

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Restaurant booking software and reservation system with table management and FOH software designed to help manage busy restaurants. See what restaurants are saying.
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May include unnecessary earrape.
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It is certainly important to have happy and satisfied customers in your restaurant, and staff that is happy and content will help to achieve this goal. Good communications skills are one thing that will help to keep your staff happy. Everyone likes feedback on what they are doing, but if the only time you talk to them is when something is wrong, then they will feel that you are picking on them or never satisfied.

Taking the time to compliment your staff on the good things they do will boost their morale and make them happy to arrive at starting time. If there are negative things to say - and there usually is at some time or anther - then mix the negative with the positive, rather than just focusing on the negative alone.

To show a personal interest in your staff is to show them you care about them as a person and not just a machine from whom you hope to get much work Taking the time to talk to each individual and asking for feedback will ensure that you get to hear of problems soon enough to minimize their impact on your business. Let them see that you treat any suggestions or complaints seriously.

Good listening skills are important. It's a wise boss who can take time to schedule both group and one-on-one meetings with staff. If the staff can see that you are listening to them without any interruptions, they will know that you are a boss who cares about them and considers their needs to be top priority. Many bosses forget that simple kindness is one of the most effective ways to gain the loyalty of their staff.

When giving instructions, make sure you aim for simplicity and clarity. If the procedure you are explaining is a long one, sum it up at the end. It would be a good idea to write the summary down and email it to them or send a memo. Always ask what steps they envision need to be taken to carry out your instructions. Just asking if they understand is not adequate. They may think they understand, but it only requires a brief lapse of concentration to get something wrong or miss it altogether.

Be tactful when criticizing. Most people want the chance to improve their work and are happy to change it to suit the boss, but if continually carped at and picked on, they are just as likely to hang up their apron for good - at least in your establishment.
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This video shows how I created excel sheets to manage my food inventory and how it ends up reflected in Quickbooks.
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Part 2: Attracting and Retaining Great Employees

Part 3: When Things go Bad in Business & Choosing to be Great

Part 4: Future Trends in the Restaurant Industry

Restauranteur Jody Palubiski chats with Alan about what makes many restaurants so successful. He discusses how as Managing Partner of the Charcoal Group he values having face to face interaction with guests. Their success is closely tied to building relationships with those guests and within the community. The Charcoal Group includes Charcoal Steakhouse, Del Dente, Moose Winooski's, Wildcraft, The Bauer Kitchen and Beertown in locations all over Ontario.

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